A Piece of A Pastime

Wearing: Goshiki t-shirt, vintage trousers and hat, New Basket shoes.
The pics taken a few months ago with a touch of vintage vibe from the hat and the shirt. As the t-shirt displayed a vintage photograph of a young couple passin' through a car side byside. A piece of romantic thing....


Cinched Tropical

Wearing: 123 Girls tank top, Massa Baru denim shirt, floral chiffon skirt, Zeintin boots, and D.I.Y knotted denim bracelet.
I've been reviving my old hobbies for doing "this" and doing "that" in the name of reason that however my mood get bored with them, still my passion let me go back and do it again.


Make It Crop

Wearing: 2 a tee tank, Hawari skirt, and Donkey's shoes.

I got inspired from a cut-out styled dress which has two cut-out details at the body. Then, I just thingking about if I could throw on these two things at some cloudy yet warmy day, if only at the bank of a lake or a river or on the top at the bridge....(nah...my mind is blowing :-p )
This basic tank has a bit lower armhole and squared neckline. But thanks to "my deliberately opted one size bigger" it looks like I was wearing a sweetheart neckline....hehe. Also, I tucked the bottom part of my tank then voila....not too bad :-p


Contrasting The Line

Wearing: Sofia pleated shirt, Zara tartan pants, Donkey's shoes, DIY ribbon tie.
I cannot exactly remember when the last time I took outfit photos or which ones....hehe. Frankly, this is because I was distracted with my other hobby for reading metropop novels and an action manga laat weeks ago. And spent the whole last Sunday for celwbrating my parents' and my younger brother's birthday by making homemade shabu-shabu and steak.....(I'm excited to do it again :-D).
Speaking about outfit, I've been keeping this pleated shirt almost two years but barely ever shown it in my posts. Firstly, I intended to show it with my printed skater dress. But I changed my idea after found this tartan pants amongst the pile of clothest in my closet. OK two things checked. I added the simple yet sifferent accent with this ribbon tie. I want bigger ones but the color that I want only available in this size. Never mind.. :-D


Overhere, then Overall

Wearing: Degas short-alls, 2 a tea tank top,Recette crop sweatshirt, Elmatlin corduroy jacket, Women's Shoe wedges, handmade grass-macrame bag, vintage pashmina worn as headband, thrifted vest+dungarees.

My mood for fashion items has changed for many times whether it's significantly or randomly. And also influenced by many things or it comes whenever I know what kind type of fashion people I am (must confess still blurred....hehehe). So with dungarees as well. This vintage item has made me suddenly "an avid fan of it" when the trend has come out for this past few years. Not to mention that I merely following the trend but in my defense that overall-kind ~specially~ and all one-piece suit things ~commonly~ have their own attractiveness. I like dungarees for the reasons that the pieces can be worn for both boyish or girlish characters, depend on how you styling them. And also I even could barely wear them as they are or layer it with everything I have in my own closet.



Wearing: BATIK PENGUASA dress, EXTREME shirt, VISION MARTIN shoes.

While I shot this outfit, I was just reading a wee bit about the muse of what with all of us known as Alice in Wonderland a.k.a Alice Liddel. And just the time when I was just chopping off my hair very shorter (in my defense: as I'm im the mood of bobbed style lately...hehe). From these two things then I got an idea pinned up my hair just one side and combined this girlie batik dress and this boyish plaid shirt completed with these semi boots. I think it still safe. I dunno what do ya think and then....let me know :-D