In The Blue Stripes

Wearing: Messy striped jumpsuit, Mind Bridge hat, and MAKS. plantea Wooden Heeled Shoes.
Having been about two years I kept this suit in my closet by the shallow reason that I still have no confident enough to show it off at any special events....haha. I am such a person that more like to dress up a lil' bit different in my own way without show up too much or intriguing people with their weird stare on me. All that I need just a good moment to wear it but now I want to include it to my blog first so here I am, combining this look with the bold red wine lipstick and a sheer line of cat's eye effect.



Wearing: 18 babydoll dress and L.A. Style loose socks.

It has been a few days that we are in year 2015. And I know most of you have designed your own resolutions to make a better life in this year. Maybe it's too late to say it but...what's your next step? Keep it in your mind and start it slowly with the easiest thing.



Wearing: D.I.Y cropped Akkar Jumper, D.I.Y side vented knit top, Hawari skirt, and Women's Shoes shoes.
Super loooong hiatus cause a few things I've chased....hhehe. I challenged myself to make a short story then I've sent it to a famous newspaper redaction. Now, I just need to wait to get the response. Wish me luck. Anyway, this outfit post collecting a few of my D.I.Y projects which I instantly call it peek a boo as the effect that seen in here. :-D<div class=" separator="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> "


Paisley Body

Wearing: 18 dress, D.I.Y vintage eyelet kimono, L.A. Style loose socks, D.I.Y double bow knot Donkeys shoes, and D.I.Y tulle embellished Polo bag.
One of my wishes for paisley printed things has fulfilled, but off course I want more another paisley to adorn my body....hehe. Adopting schoolgirlish style by adding this bag, D.I.Y duoble bow knot shoes for the accent, and the Japanese style loose socks as the key, and off course with this vintage eyelet kimono for the final look. I can see a vintage schoolgirl in here. What do you think about? :-D


2 a.m. Body

Wearing: Sofia pleated shirt, Theory shorts, Zeintin boots, and Morries hat.
Somehow, for these past few days, no matter how long I could spend my time to sleep, no matter whether is it too late or too early I'm starting off my time to sleep, I will always wake up right at 2 a.m.
I always have a problem "what will I do with this stuff" whenever I suddenly buy some fashion item which has allured me so much, specially. Including this hat. I decided to keep it for a while and tried to find a match then eventually , thanks to both these staple hat and shirt, I called this style as "preppy bohemian".



Also, I added another "experiment" with this D.I.Y braided lace necklace. Maybe I could add some beads to give more elegant effect.
Wwearing: Sofia shirt, Vintage jacket (worn as skirt), Chatya Clogs, and D.I.Y braided lace necklace.
I ran for some eclectic thing (if I could say that) after found the idea "what if.." from this pajama-style shirt. But I did play a twist at my skirt which was actually realize it or not it was a jacket!! hahaha. Some of my friends were get tricked with it....I SWEAR :-D



Wearing: Euro Plus tee, Sofia pants-all, Chatya clogs, and Big Boys beanie.