Tumpang Tindih Situation

Just realizing that perhaps (and it's true) that I am the worst blogger ever for not frequently update my post here....haha. Dragged into such situation that actually you got enough time to do what you want or what you like but suddenly the prime duty calls you out for urgent. Well I'm not gonna complain this, yet I must feel so grateful for going through all of this situation. Makes me grow stronger.
I've been exploring a few of my deepest passion about art, at least. Tough I'm not an artsy person XD. Venturing on a few different fields over my prime duty job makes me have to get smarter to manage all well. Actually it is pretty hard at first, but later slowly it become that easy to me and become my daily routine if I can do it well. Discipline is the key. Nah, I learn one more thing again.
You have to watch it closely in detail. I have my casual outfit combined with new MAKS. plantea Kanaka Knit Flats and  MAKS. plantea Rounded Floral Crochet Necklace.


Earthly Sandya

Introducing one of the baby brand's maks.plantea_store, Sandya. Quite androginious, huh? The name took its root from Sanskrit which can be functioned in both the boy or the girl name. So this collection does mean. Represent the androginious vibe and come in bold "earthly" ethnical green and a boho design.
Sandya top detailed with strapped deep V-neck and small buckle embellishments. Hmm...these are a few of my look with the detail: Sandya Top: IDR 165K.
Sandya Pants: IDR 165K.
Sandya Suit: IDR 310K.
Orenji Colour-Blocked Shoes: IDR 450K.
How to order:  Name/Address/Phone Number or Email/Your Order Name/Size/Quantity
Send your order via email maks.plantea@gmail.com or text us via line/whatssapp: +62 81213736176.


As Long As You Can Move Your Fingers // MAKS. plantea Orenji Woodie Pumps (order code: Mp 101)

It's been quite about a year ago since I owned this pair for the first time. Firstly, I doubted whether should I openly say that this is my own product or just hint it by just name it with the brand. At least, this is me. A moody girl. Or someone that always try something new but not yet excellent enough to manage them all. This is my problem. But also this can be my good moment. I've distracted myself not only trying so hard to open my online store, but also keep doing my primer job, designing, writing, and also..crafting. :-D :-D. Too many distractions in my life (I know) but as long as I can move my fingers about creativity its not a sin, right? Hahaha XX.
Ok, back to the point. Introducing my baby brand's Colour-Blocked Pumps. With thicky wood-like heels about 10cm long, MAKS. plantea provides you comfortable feel when you step on it. At the of each you will find zipper as the fastener.
Price: IDR 415K. If you are really interested, you can contact our mail at maks.plantea@gmail.com or via SMS/Whatsapp: +62 81213736176. But, you must be patient, because it made by order. The order will be processed after you confirm your payment and wait about 2-3 weeks. Happy shopping, cuties ;-)


Dark Flo

Wearing: Vintage dress (old collection), MAKS. plantea Sati Floral Vest, MAKS. plantea Red Gladiator Shoes.
Somehow I have a deep feeling of this vest with its special romantic motif. Yup, dark floral. It's dark and it's floral. Though my boyfriend and my Mom always say that they are don't like this motif. They liked me to just dress in the most simple and plain way. Wah, nevermind and I always fight them silently by dressing in my own way.....haha. Combine this and combine that. Mix plain and printed or printed and printed. Being super girlie or tomboyish depending on my mood. Frankly, I'm not the kind of feminime girl or tomboyish girl. I'm both of them and everything of those genres as long as I could dress well and can say that "this is me" look.
Actually this vest has its pair with skort and a small rope tie. Promise I'll show you someday also with a few way to wear this vest. ^.^ ^.^


That Old Blue....

It seems like my moodie nature already taken over almost the whole of my activity, except my job desk when my worktime off course. Perhaps, because of a few distractions I've created for this past months as I want to diggin' up myself about what is my talent or what kind of job that suits me so much.
Wearing: Sofia cropped shirt, vintage overall (thrifted), and MAKS. plantea Tannie "Boat" Slippers


Try Out

After these past few weeks of some tiring working hours in the fasting month, and always wake up and run errands in the same manner, now I'm expecting of some relaxing days and some fun holidays. Can't wait that finally the time to go to hometown just need a few days further.
Actually, I think now it will be better if I showed this look if only my D.I.Y project was done.  Yet the idea to embellish my shirt with studs and buttons came instead after I shot my outfit here..hehe. Ups, did I say studs and buttons?....Someday I will show you the result.
The skirt actually was a dress which I chopped off as high as my upper riff and I wear it by drape it around my waist.

Shoes by MAKS. plantea



Somehow that my mood keep changing so fast about anything which never could help myself. As you seen here, I usually shy to show my own bare face for the reason that I have no confident about myself...hehe. But now let my mood take control about this one.Bewitched by the luxurious gems and pearls for these past few seasons, and then this simple idea came just in time when all the fresh things in my brain want to get out in here. Just hope that my face won't look terrible as I took it when I just woken up. :-D
You can see my swollen face at a glance because I took all of my photos just in time after I've woken up...haha.
Before taking this photos, I cleaned up my face with the fresh smell of rose water, then gave some swipes of olive oil to my eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, and applied it a wee bit to my face to give a shiny and moist effect. I also styling my hair with olive oil.. :-)