2 a.m. Body

Wearing: Sofia pleated shirt, Theory shorts, Zeintin boots, and Morries hat.
Somehow, for these past few days, no matter how long I could spend my time to sleep, no matter whether is it too late or too early I'm starting off my time to sleep, I will always wake up right at 2 a.m.
I always have a problem "what will I do with this stuff" whenever I suddenly buy some fashion item which has allured me so much, specially. Including this hat. I decided to keep it for a while and tried to find a match then eventually , thanks to both these staple hat and shirt, I called this style as "preppy bohemian".



Also, I added another "experiment" with this D.I.Y braided lace necklace. Maybe I could add some beads to give more elegant effect.
Wwearing: Sofia shirt, Vintage jacket (worn as skirt), Chatya Clogs, and D.I.Y braided lace necklace.
I ran for some eclectic thing (if I could say that) after found the idea "what if.." from this pajama-style shirt. But I did play a twist at my skirt which was actually realize it or not it was a jacket!! hahaha. Some of my friends were get tricked with it....I SWEAR :-D




Wearing: vintage tan bowler hat, basic inner tank, Love Boat Dress Overall (worn as top), vintage velvet pants, and Zeintin boots.
First of all to say, I always have something with everything ranged from tan, coffee, mocca, brown, sand, and all nude and neutral variants. Because for me, they can be combined without extending more blah blah blah to the surface. (In my opinion :-D).
Second after all, it's again, found in pile of clothes, my idea instantly came out. Like "what I think is what I get", the result is not fail at all. As you see now is it just a glance or not, more like I am wearing a jumpsuit rather than top and pants, right? (Well, is it just me, or is it a yes?)


A Piece of A Pastime

Wearing: Goshiki t-shirt, vintage trousers and hat, New Basket shoes.
The pics taken a few months ago with a touch of vintage vibe from the hat and the shirt. As the t-shirt displayed a vintage photograph of a young couple passin' through a car side byside. A piece of romantic thing....


Cinched Tropical

Wearing: 123 Girls tank top, Massa Baru denim shirt, floral chiffon skirt, Zeintin boots, and D.I.Y knotted denim bracelet.
I've been reviving my old hobbies for doing "this" and doing "that" in the name of reason that however my mood get bored with them, still my passion let me go back and do it again.